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Sunday School: Core Essentials



Core Essentials is a "university-style" adult education hour on Sunday mornings that utilizes an elective format. Much like an academic or seminary setting, you will be able to choose from a variety of courses relating to Christian life. We want to build a discipleship ministry that offers courses that are relevant to our body,  biblically grounded, and theologically diverse.

Feel free to choose whichever elective interests you. The goal of this model is to be exposed to many disciplines, so over the span of several years you will have the opportunity to take courses in various areas. These core electives will be offered on a two year cycle, so they will be available at another time. In addition to the main electives, other course offerings will be available at various times. A benefit of this rotation is that you will also have the chance to sit under multiple teachers and learn alongside a different group of people for each elective.

At the beginning of each semester you will be able to sign up for your desired elective. Remember, if you are planning on taking a 10 week course you will need to pair that with another 10 week course offered that semester.

We will still be offering two continuous adult bible studies if you prefer that format. There will be an adult mixed group and an adult ladies’ class.

Children currently use the Desiring God curriculum and Middle School students study The Gospel Project.  High School and College students have the option of joining our “Core Essentials” electives or staying with their regular classes going through The Gospel Project.

These courses will be offered on a 2 year rotation.

CHRISTIAN BASICS focus on the foundational areas of Christian life.
What Is the Gospel? | Discovering God's Will | How to Study the Bible | Personal Evangelism

BIBLE OVERVIEW courses seek to improve our overall knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.
Old Testament | New Testament
THEOLOGY & HISTORY focus on the history and doctrinal truths of our Christian heritage.
Systematic Theology | Biblical Theology | Christian History | Historical Theology | What Is Reformed Theology? |  Who Are the Baptists?

CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINES expose us to areas of deeper growth in our fellowship with God through maturity, holiness, and sanctification.
Disciplines for the Christian Life | Family Worship | Discipleship & Mentoring | The Puritans | Christian Worship
CHRISTIAN LIVING focuses on the relational areas of our lives both in the context of the local church and in the world, equipping us to engage our culture with the gospel.
Apologetics & Worldview | World Religions & Cults | Christian Ethics | Global Missions | Gospel-Centered Marriage Family Discipleship | Family Finance | Biblical Counseling | What Is the Church?
LIFESTAGES are classes that promote spiritual growth and relationships at various stages of the Christian life.
Children | Junior High | High School | College & Career | Adult Bible Studies


What Is the Gospel? [Chad Mann - 11 weeks]
Every Christian should be able to articulate the truths of the gospel of Christ. This course will cover the essential tenants of the gospel message (theology of God, man’s state, Christ’s work, repentance, etc.), while also emphasizing how these truths must shape the life of every believer on a daily basis.
Discovering the Will of God [Chad Mann - 10 weeks]
This class focuses on how we are to properly understand God’s will for our lives. Together we will discover the providence of God, the sufficiency of Scripture, and how to biblically seek wisdom in life’s challenges, both personally and in the life of the church.
New Testament 1 [Isaac McBride - 21 weeks]
This course is an introductory survey of the New Testament, and lessons will provide insight and understanding into the authors, the books’ place in Christian history, and theological themes. Books covered in the first semester include the Gospels, Acts, Hebrews, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, and Philippians.
What Is Reformed Theology? [Tad Thompson - 21 weeks]
You’ve heard the term reformed theology, but you’re not certain what it is. Some references to it have been positive, some negative. It appears to be important, and you would like to know more about it. This course is an introduction to the doctrine of the apostles that was almost lost in the Middle Ages, but recovered by the great reformers such as Martin Luther and John Calvin. These foundational biblical truths are threatened once again in our times. Join Pastor Tad and gain an understanding of the basics of Reformed Theology.

The Truth Project [Joel Tiegreen - 11 weeks]
This curriculum, created by Focus on the Family, examines the need for a biblical worldview in our times and uses a unique DVD and discussion format. Topics include truth, theology, philosophy, ethics, science, government, and relationships. Each lesson will look at the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview throughout our daily lives. Due to the nature of the curriculum, which includes a 50-min video session, this course will begin each week at 9:00am so that there is ample time for discussion.

World Religions & Cults [Joel Tiegreen - 10 weeks]
Building upon a framework of apologetics and worldview, this elective will provide an overview of the major world religions and Christian cults of our time. Not only will you gain an understanding of their teachings, but you will be equipped with Scripture to defend the Christian faith with boldness and clarity.

Christian Ethics [Samuel Marney - 21 weeks]
Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about some of the controversial topics in our culture? This elective will cover many of the ethical and moral issues that Christians face and provide a biblical framework for our convictions. Lessons will include divorce and remarriage, sexuality, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, civil revolution, war and peace, environmental issues, and biotechnologies. 


Adult Mixed Bible Study [Jim Furgason - 20 weeks]
This expositional look at the epistles of 1 and 2 Peter will examine the themes of God’s grace, persevering through faith, and the transforming power of Christ to live righteously.

Adult Ladies’ Bible Study [Helen Garst - 20 weeks]
This class will be going through The Gospel Project curriculum, which focuses on Scripture’s grand narrative of redemption, tracing the gospel throughout the Bible and applying that through Christ-centered, missional living.







Bible Study 
Worship | 10:30am

Student Ministry | 5:30pm
Children's AWANA | 6:00pm
Prayer Gathering | 6:00pm